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Marketing research is an investment in your brand. Knowing what your customers are thinking can make the difference between long-term success... or products, campaigns and initiatives that underperform.


Research Powered Marketing Can Tell You:


What, exactly, are your customers thinking? Do they like your new idea, or do they want something different? Find out before you launch it. If they hate it, find out why. If they love it, find out how to make them love it more.

Stop guessing... and start saving time and money.


Research Powered Results Include:


Power Marketing Research is an investment in the continued success of your business or organization.
When you understand the needs and perspectives of your customers, you can make smarter and more
cost-effective decisions... 

...and clear a path for continued growth.

Here’s how we can help you understand the people your success depends on... your customers.


Focus groups can quickly give you in-depth information on how your product or service is perceived, at a relatively low cost. How do you size up compared to a competitor? What new designs should you be thinking about? Focus groups answer questions and trigger insights. Think of a focus group as a conversation with your customer.

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Surveys are a reliable and effective way to learn what a large group of people are thinking — about your products, about your customer service, about a new product or a proposed name change. The data you gather from a survey can help you to avoid costly mistakes, keep your current customers happy, and attract new customers.

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Power Marketing Research also provides other specialized marketing research services including Public Participation/Involvement, Customer Panels, Website Usability Testing, and Mystery Shopping. Using mixed methodologies can sometimes yield better results, and help you make better decisions.

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