Case Study:  Burcham Hills Center for Health and Rehabilitation

Burcham Hills is a nonprofit retirement community located in East Lansing, Michigan. The organization has launched a new rehabilitation services division called the Burcham Hills Center for Health and Rehabilitation. POWER MARKETING RESEARCH's goal was to gather data about the public's general perceptions about rehabilitation centers; measure brand awareness; and test a series of potential new identities.

Brand Identity

The process began with the staff of Burcham Hills completing the Power Marketing Research marketing workbook. This tool provided guidance on how to craft the new identity. It also helped solidify what really set Burcham Hills apart from their competition. This differentiator helped serve as the basis for the new identity. After a series of potential logos and taglines were developed, we were ready for a test run.

Focus Groups

PMR conducted two focus groups for Burcham Hills — one with a group of past clients and one with a set of potential clients. In this case, focus groups helped the organization get a clearer picture of the their current and potential clients. What factors are important when choosing a rehabilitation center? What makes on center better than another? Where could Burcham Hills make improvements? We also tested a series of possible logos and taglines to gauge relative effectiveness. The project concluded with Burcham Hills choosing a new identity and Power Marketing Research creating a new corporate brochure to reflect that identity.