Case Study:  Henry Ford Health System

“Find a Doctor” Website Module Usability Tests

Henry Ford Health System was interested in learning how users interact with their “Find a Doctor” web module. Power Marketing Research designed, administered and analyzed usability testing with current health system users.

Usability testing goals included:

  • Ensure that the “Find a Doctor” website module is usable for the general public.

  • Review how participants search for a new physician, a particular disease, zip code, city, etc.

  • Understand what improvements/changes can be made to “Find a Doctor.”

  • Evaluate the navigation, content and graphical interface of the website.

  • Gather suggestions from users for improvements.

  • Learn what users like and dislike about the website.

  • Test specific tasks including searches for physicians.

  • Remove customer barriers from using the website.

 Results from the usability testing were used to rework the “Find a Doctor” modules and improve the overall interface design.