Case Study:  Michigan Science Center Exhibits on Medical Research

POWER MARKETING RESEARCH was asked to partner with the University of Michigan and the Michigan Science Center to help design and develop two exhibits. This presented a unique opportunity to interact with the general public during the actual creation of exhibits that would eventually be used by thousands of people.

The exhibits focused on medical research and providing information about the consent process for adults and children. Three sets of focus groups were conducted, one with adults, one with youth ages 8-12, and another with youth ages 13-18.

The focus group sessions were conducted during various stages:

  • Front End— to develop the overall goals for the exhibit.
  • Formative— to gather feedback on the prototype text, graphics, and interactive exhibit features.
  • Remedial— to refine and enhance the exhibit.
  • Summative— to gather comments about the overall exhibit effectiveness and future directions for research.

In addition, PMR conducted in-depth interviews on the floor of the Michigan Science Center with visitors after they used the exhibits. These on the spot interviews gave us immediate insight into reactions to the exhibit and how visitors felt about their experience.
After the initial exhibit was put on the exhibit floor, it was determined that the content might be better suited to another location. The "Medical Breakthroughs" exhibit was moved to the Mott Children's Hospital at the University of Michigan.