Case Study:  Michigan Science Center

Sunstruck Survey and Grant Outcome Survey Evaluation


The Michigan Science Center needed to evaluate the overall impact of a grant they received from the Institute of Museum and Library Services. The grant covered a wide range of elements including a planetarium show, teacher workshop, and three exhibits.

Power Marketing Research developed a series of survey instruments for use in evaluation of each project element. For the planetarium show, an exit survey was created to gauge the overall educational effectiveness of the show. The teacher workshop was designed with specific learning objectives in mind, so PMR developed an evaluation survey tool that could be used to gauge whether those objectives were met.


Three exhibits were created for use at the Michigan Science Center for the Sunstruck project. In order to evaluation the impact of each exhibit on museum visitors, PMR created a series of observational study tools.

Once all surveys and evaluation tools were completed, we summarized the results and wrote a report.