Case Study:  Mr. Chain

Mr. Chain is a crowd-control plastic chain and stanchion manufacturer located in Copemish, Michigan. For over 50 years, Mr. Chain has performed injection molding and extrusion of plastic products.

The company was interested in learning how often it should communicate with customers and which types of communications would be most effective. The company also wanted to refresh their brand with a revised logo and modernized look and feel. POWER MARKETING RESEARCH was asked to assist Mr. Chain in meeting these goals.

PMR's custom-designed development process consisted of the following elements:

  • Mr. Chain completed selected pages from the PMR marketing workbook. This crystallized several critical areas related to target marketing and customer profile.
  • PMR developed a brief survey for customers, which was delivered to Mr. Chain's top 25 customers.
  • A creative brief was developed, revised, and approved by Mr. Chain. The creative brief served as the basis for the rebranding effort, which includes creation of a revised Mr. Chain logo. Draft logos were presented to Mr. Chain and revisions were made. A final logo was then chosen.
  • A brand standards toolkit, email newsletter template, and package labeling was designed based on the new brand.

In addition, PMR helped Mr. Chain with the creation of a comprehensive marketing plan which included:

  • A series of strategic marketing goals and measurable objectives.
  • Target audience persona description for the various customer segments.
  • Proposed guideline and methods for reaching out to the markets most effectively via marketing channels.
  • Identification of proposed marketing materials and supporting documents.
  • Proposed methods for customer follow-up to marketing initiatives.
  • Proposed marketing and promotional activities.
  • Methods for measuring of the success of initiatives.