Case Study:  Yankee Air Museum

New Museum Name Focus Groups

The Yankee Air Museum located at Willow Run Airport in Belleville, Michigan, was interested in gathering information about proposed names for a new museum and exhibits. The current museum and all of its artifacts will be moved into the former Willow Run Bomber Plant, and a new museum will be created. A series of potential new museum names and accompanying graphics were designed to test during the focus group sessions.

Focus group goals included:

  • Develop and implement a process for testing the potential new names and exhibit ideas with key target audience members.
  • Test the options with target audience members who can best react and provide valuable opinions.
  • Use potential name mock-ups for testing in the focus groups.
  • Review potential new name and logo combinations.
  • Measure reactions to initial storylines and interest in specific exhibits.
  • Discuss methods for marketing the museum to target audience members.
  • Use the data gathered in the focus groups to draw conclusions and make recommendations.

Once the focus groups were conducted, a report was prepared that provided extensive recommendations. The new name of the museum will be the National Museum of Aviation and Technology at Historic Willow Run.