Customer Panels

CUSTOMER PANELS are the best way to know what your customer is thinking. Your customers are constantly using your products and services. You can count on the fact that they have opinions — both good and bad. A POWER MARKETING RESEARCH customer panel allows you to ask them questions, test out new ideas and get valuable feedback. Keep reading to learn how customer panels can help you, and what kind of questions they can answer...

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How Customer Panels Help You Succeed

Customer panels are composed of groups of your current customers who are periodically asked to provide their insights via surveys or other research. This panel can provide opinions quickly and allows you to gather data continuously.

Customer panels can be a valuable part of your company's marketing research toolkit. They allow you to reach out to a pool of customers who have agreed to be contacted for marketing research purposes. This establishes an ongoing relationship with the customer, and gives you insight into their opinions. The end result is products and services that better meet the needs of your customers.

With customer panels you can:

  • Test a new product or service to see if it will be successful
  • Continuously gauge customer service metrics
  • Make discoveries that lead to new innovations
  • Build brand loyalty by engaging your customers
  • By using a customer panel you are demonstrating a commitment to listening and responding to the needs of your customer base. You will earn their trust and inspire brand loyalty. In turn, your customers have an opportunity to provide direct input into the development of products and services.

Questions customer panels can answer:

  • Do my customers like Product A or Product B?
  • Are the marketing messages we're using resonating with customers?
  • How do I continuously measure our customer service?
  • Does this packaging design look attractive?
  • Will our customers be interested in the new service we're thinking of offering?
  • How do we get our customers to discuss our company honestly?
  • How do we gather feedback that will help us make important management decisions?

Customer panels don't provide you with in-depth information about opinions and motivations — that's where focus groups come in.