FOCUS GROUPS are an important — and sometimes essential — part of a well-rounded marketing strategy. A specialty of POWER MARKETING RESEARCH, focus groups are a type of qualitative research used to study perceptions, feelings, thoughts and other data which are difficult to measure quantitatively (that is, with numbers.) Keep reading to learn how focus groups can help you, and what kind of questions they can answer...

How Focus Groups Help You Succeed

Focus groups are an ideal way to probe the emotional issues which often drive people's behavior. Focus groups are often used to gather reactions to new products or services or to find out what customers might think about a change in the way a company does business. Alternatively, focus groups can be used early in the development cycle to help guide the design or alteration of products or services, or to gather reactions to new advertising campaign before it is launched.

Questions Focus Groups Can Answer 

  • What do people think of my new product or service idea?
  • How do consumers view my brand vs. my competitor's?
  • What are the purchasing habits of my customers?
  • How can I fill a need in a product category?
  • Will this advertising campaign resonate with our target market?
  • What's the right price point for this item?
  • What might compel people to buy my product?
  • What types of new products and services should we be offering?
  • How can we better engage our customers and keep their interest in our company?

Focus groups can't answer questions about an entire population — that's where surveys can help.

Power Marketing Research Focus Group Services

Power Marketing Research can assist you with all stages of the focus group process, including project planning, recruitment of participants, focus group moderation, and analysis of the results. The staff moderator at Power Marketing Research was trained by A.C. Neilsen Burke and has over twelve years of experience in leading focus group sessions on a variety of topics.