HEALTHCARE RESEARCH has been a specialty of POWER MARKETING RESEARCH for nearly a decade. We have gathered data from patients, nurses, physicians, other healthcare professionals, and the general public through a variety of research methods. PMR staff are certified in PEERRS and have had other training in healthcare research.

Healthcare Focus Groups

Focus groups are an excellent way to understand how opinions are formulated and what factors influence behavior.

We use focus groups in healthcare research to:

  • Test brand name awareness
  • Introduce potential new programs and services
  • Delve into patient satisfaction with facilities and staff
  • Gauge awareness of advertising

Patient Satisfaction Surveys

Patient satisfaction is critical to healthcare facilities. If you need to understand patient opinions we can help by conducting patient satisfaction surveys that will:

  • Identify strengths and weaknesses in patient care
  • Evaluate satisfaction within individual departments
  • Measure satisfaction with healthcare plans
  • Compare your facility with a competitor
  • Assess how patients might value new services or facilities

Staff Surveys and Focus Groups

The performance of your staff is critical. They are the frontline workers who interact with patients and directly influence opinions. Surveying these staff members will uncover areas that need improvement. Conducting focus groups to dig deeper will help you learn how to address specific issues.

  • Address staff morale
  • Assess overall staff satisfaction
  • Engage staff in strategic planning
  • Discover satisfaction differences among departments

Product and Service Provider Research

If you provide a product or service to the healthcare industry, Power Marketing Research can help you gather data from your target market efficiently and effectively. We'll work together to discover the best research method for reaching this audience to fulfill your objectives.




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