The Case for Case Studies

One of the best ways to communicate value to your potential customer is by showcasing how you have already helped a current or past customer.

Here are a few tips for writing compelling case studies:

  • Tell the story from the perspective of a potential customer. Be results-driven in your language so that prospect sees how your can meet their specific needs. Include all the relevant details such as the customer name, project title and goals. Describe exactly how you met the goals. What will the long-term effect be for the customer? Demonstrate why you were successful.


  • Write it like a story. Everyone enjoys a good story and your case studies should be written with that in mind.


  • Make it look attractive. Include headers, bullet points, photos, and other images to make it visually appealing. A professionally-developed template can be a big help.


  • Try different formats for your case studies. Podcasts, videos, presentations, and other tools can convey the same information.


  • Make it compelling. Having an unbiased third party interview your customer is a good way to gather information for a case study. A 30-60 minute interview is conducted with a customer using a series of custom questions about the challenges they faced before you solved their problem.

The finished case study should include the following: title, executive summary, list of goals/challenges, how you met the goals, results, and supporting quotes from the customer.