What If You Could Predict the Future?

It may sound like the plot of a science fiction novel, but what if you could predict the future? Better yet, what if you could read people’s minds? While you’re developing a new product or service wouldn’t it be incredible to know whether it will succeed or not? Getting inside your customer’s head and determining whether they will buy your product or service might seem like an impossible task but the creation of a customer scorecard, paired with marketing research, can yield the answers to your questions.  

Create a Customer Scorecard  

The more you know about your customers the better positioned you will be to predict their behavior. Create a customer scorecard where you can track the number of customers by type or profile, size, revenues, etc. Your scorecard should be customized to your industry. For example, if you’re a food service company you’ll want to incorporate key measures like repeat visits.  

Measure the Customer Experience  

Your scorecard should also include a section devoted to the customer’s experience. The first step here is to track and document the complete customer experience as they interact with your organization. This means every single step that happens from the moment they make an initial contact. At each touch point incorporate a measurement so you can track improvements. 

Ask Your Customer for Help  

One way to improve your customers’ experience is to ask them to help develop your scorecard. After all, you want to measure what is meaningful to them, so why not ask them what matters most? Go beyond the simple questions such as “How would you rate your experience?” or “Would you recommend us to a colleague?” Ask customers about the key touch points—such as their interactions with the sales team—and determine how you can measure them more effectively. Look for ways to consistently gauge what your customer needs, what they expect from you, and how to ensure that you are listening to them.  

Customer Satisfaction Means Measuring and Measuring Again  

Once you have your scorecard in hand you can begin to really understand how your customers thinks and how to more effectively predict their actions. The scorecard will ensure that your customer survey questions are the right ones. As you launch that new service you’ll feel prepared to ask your customers about the issues that matter to them. Your marketing research will be more informed and powerful because you have a better understanding of a customer’s behavior. Research will help you uncover key findings to inform decision making and improve key metrics.