The Real Wonder Women

The success of the recent Wonder Woman film is exciting to see—not just because it was directed by a woman, or that the character is portrayed as strong, courageous, and most definitely a risk-taker. But what about all the women who do that every day? I wanted to highlight some of the real Wonder Women of our local community:

  • Grace Hsia, CEO, Warmilu. Warmilu is a non-electric warming technology company that manufactures a safe, reusable heat pack used to warm premature infants in the IncuBlanket. Inspired by Grace’s own experience as a premature infant, she created a practical solution to reduce and manage preterm infant hypothermia. Warmilu also just won $72,000 in the WeWork Creator Awards “Launch” category.


  •  Robin McIntosh and Lisa McLaughlin, Co-Founders, CO-CEOs, Workit Health. Workit Health is a digital health program designed to help people overcome addictions. Using a personalized approach and coaching, the support and guidance from Workit helps people achieve their personal goals in a supportive way. Lisa McLaughlin was recently named an Elite 8 winner by Detroit Techweek.


  • Marlin Williams, Diversity and Inclusion Entrepreneur-in-Residence at TechTown Detroit, and Dr. Marlo Rencher. These two local champions have just announced the launch of a new nonprofit, CodeConnect. It’s a website that “connects people who want to work in tech with education and training resources, job opportunities, and others who are on the same journey.” This innovative new network has a goal of creating stronger connections in tech and bridging the diversity gap with a wealth of resources.


  • Shelly Sahi, CEO/Founder, SAHI Cosmetics. Shelly was looking for a cosmetics brand that catered to a more diverse range of skin tones, especially medium-toned skin. Not finding an option for herself, she created a new line of cosmetics that encourages women to “Own Your Color.” Her diamond foundation is a showcase product that differentiates her line further. Shelly was named First Place Winner of the Michigan Business Challenge, 2017.

In addition to these amazing Wonder Women, there are heroic acts being performed by others every day. Contact Brenda Meller if you need speedy advice about LinkedIn. Beki Fraser is a coach who can help you make huge leaps and bounds. Amy Cell can detect what job will be best for you. Organizations like Inforum are your source for accelerating your career.